Supported formats

Supported popular formats

FormatSupport levelNotes
ZipFullFull support for the normal zip format, with additional support for AES encryption, Zip64 extensions for large files, Mac OS extensions of many different kinds, and several unusual compression methods. Can also extract .EXE self-extracting files using Zip.
ZipxFullFull support for the new compression modes introduced by WinZip.
RARFullIncluding encryption and multiple volumes. Can also extract .EXE self-extracting files using RAR.
7zFullAll common compression methods are supported. Also supports Unix extensions.
LZMA, XZFullBoth the old "LZMA-alone" format, usually named .lzma, and the new .xz format.
MSIFullThis format is also used by many other Microsoft formats, meanings that you can use The Unarchiver to extract internal data from DOC and PPT files, and others. There is probably no reason to do this, but you can.
NSISExtensiveSupports many different versions, starting from version 1.1o
EXESomeMany kinds of .exe self-extracting formats are supported. However, if you find one that is not, please post an issue on the bug tracker.
ISO, BIN, MDF, NRG, CDIExtensiveMost common disc images can be unpacked, both normal and raw.
Split filesBasicCan join files named .001, .002 that do not use any extra wrapper format.

Supported old formats

FormatSupport levelWas popular onNotes
StuffItNo encryptionMac OSCan unpack all files I've been able to locate.
StuffIt XPartialMac OSCan unpack many files, some more obscure features are still unsupported. JPEG compression is also unsupported.
DiskDoublerAlmost fullMac OSOnly lacks some old compression methods, because I have not been able to locate any files using these. If you have some that do not work, please post them here.
Compact ProNo encryptionMac OS 
PackItFullMac OS 
Compress (.Z)FullUnix 
ARJNo multi-partDOS  
ARC, PAKFullDOSFull support for all algorithms, including proprietary ones from PAK. Encryption only works in command-line utilities.
AceOnly old filesDOSNo support for Ace 2.0 and up (WinAce).
LZHFullDOS, Amiga (as LhA) 
ADFFFSAmiga (emulated)Can extract files from Amiga disk images using the regular FFS file system.
DMSFFSAmigaCan extract files from compressed Amiga disk images using the regular FFS file system.
SqueezeFullCP/M, DOS 
...  Many other old formats, especially Amiga-specific ones, are also supported through libxad, but I have not made a full survey of which ones.

Supported unusual formats

FormatSupport levelNotes
XARFullSuggested replacement for Tar on Unix. Used in some newer .pkg files on Mac OS X.
RPMFullLinux package format.
DebFullLinux package format.
ArFullUnix library format.
ALZipNo encryptionArchive format which is mainly popular in South Korea. Support for all known compression methods, including Bzip2, Deflate and obfuscated Deflate.
WARCFullInternet Archive Web Archive. Request and response headers also included in metadata.
NSA, SARPartialGame data file. Can unpack all files I've found. If you have ones that do not unpack, please post an issue.
NDSFullNintendo DS ROM image, which can contain a file system.
SWFImages and audioExtracts images, sounds and music from Flash files.
PDFBitmap imagesExtracts bitmap images from PDF files. Especially useful for scanned PDFs.


These are not actually all the formats supported by The Unarchiver. The libxad library which is part of The Unarchiver supports even more old formats, especially Amiga-specific ones.

If you have a compressed file that The Unarchiver does not open, please post a bug on the bug tracker, and include the file in question, and I will look into whether it is possible to add support for it!